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Western Approaches by Graham Hurley

Reviews Posted on Sun, February 03, 2019 23:19:00

Continuing the Faraday series (Farady now long gone) with Jimmy Suttle as protagonist and having moved to Devon, this book does not disappoint. A great police procedural and some ‘human drama’ behind the story. The only negative thing to say is that there were a disappointing number of typos – it really could have done with better proof-reading.

Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household

Reviews Posted on Sun, February 03, 2019 23:11:52

This classic book, written in 1939, didn’t do much for me I’m sorry to say. Having read the book I turned to the Introduction in my 2014 edition (that would have served better as a postscript or similar) and learned a lot more about it. I still wasn’t overly impressed. I found various parts to be implausible and found the main character’s actions disappointing.